WGS Technology Releases Football Slot “Game Day”

Online gaming software developer WGS Technologies, announced the release of their latest video slot. This new slot is based around American Football and has been given the name Game Day.

Game Day is a 5 reel, 20 pay-line slot designed around Football, one of the most popular sports in the USA. While spinning the reels you see coins, whistles, football players, cheerleaders, footballs and more. The background designed behind the reels consists of the football field, showing you the multiple down lines. This game also boasts game features such as free spins, punters also have the opportunity to land on a progressive jackpot that tops out at $450,000.

Game Day slot

The game is currently available for real money at casinos such as Lincoln Casino. The Casino Manager at Lincoln Casino Ryan Wilson stated, “One of the things that our online punters like to tell me is that our experience and portfolio of casino games are diversified. When I was told this I took it as a great honor and contacted WGS Technology in order to continue to bring that diversified experience that our punters will so greatly enjoying. As of right now we have multiple software’s in our portfolio of casino games. We also offer multiple WGS Technology based slots which include Agent Cash, Amanda Panda and finally Game Day.”

In order to play any of the video slots that are available at Lincoln Casino you will first have to register an account with the casino and then choose a video slot to play. Access the welcome bonus, choose Game day and start your gambling experience.

Unibet Released An iPad Poker Application

Unibet, a Swedish based online gambling firm has recently been in the news due to a series of deals they made in the past. Recently Unibet released their own Poker Platform after they dropped the Microgaming Poker Network. The PC Unibet Poker Platform has already been on the marker for the last week and today Unibet has announced that they have released a new mobile poker application for the iPad. This will allow for punters in several different countries to play the same game at the same time on their iPads.


The launch of the iPad Unibet Poker Platform will be available for several different countries upon release date. These countries include Sweden, Norway, the United King, Finland, Netherlands and two unnamed countries. The new mobile poker platform integrates social media features so that their punters can show their experiences to the various friends they hold on their social media accounts.

Unibet took to their punters, making a statement on their website saying: “We are proud to announce that we are releasing a mobile version of our new poker platform for the iPad Air and iPad Mini. We will be offering the same exact experience as you’ve been receiving on our PC Platform for the last week. We are releasing this mobile application across several different countries and will release it across multiple other countries in the upcoming months. We will also eventually be releasing the platform on the iPhone as well.

Unibet punters will be able to download the app through the Apple Store.

Arabian Nights Jackpot recently won at Casumo Casino

On March 3rd, 2014 one online gambler was able to have a lucky start to their month after they triggered a €3.3 million jackpot. This player was enjoying the Net Entertainment developed video slot “Arabian Nights”. When we first reported on this jackpot win we didn’t have any details, today those details were revealed to the public by Casumo Casino.

Arabian Nights pokie

Casumo Casino announced the details for this win after the player gave them permission. Casumo said that this lucky player was a 50 year old Finnish man. The punter commented on his win saying, “This is the largest amount of money I’ve ever won in my entire life. I get to retire early now with my wife, we plan to travel the world and see everything that we can before we become too old.”

Simon Hammon, The Chief Product Officer for Net Entertainment commented on this jackpot win saying, “I love my job because on a monthly basis I get to congratulate online gamblers on their jackpot wins. There is nothing better than announcing a life changing win to the public, knowing that we as software developers where able to change the lives of dozens of people. This is the second largest jackpot to be won in 2014, we know that the amount of this pooled jackpot will only continue to grow and we hope that through this pooled jackpot we can once again reward an online gambler with a life changing amount of money

21% of Australian Citizens Have Gambled Online

A study was conducted earlier on this year by the “Roy Morgan Gambling Monitor Group” and through their study they were able to figure out that 21% of the citizens in Australia have placed a wager online at some point in time. This is surprising as the gambling industry in Australia is still relatively new and young, this does help show the Australian government that the online gambling industry is progressively becoming more popular in a short period of time.

roymorganonline logo

The amount of online gamblers who made a wager last year was only 14%. When you compare the new 21% that was revealed after this study was conducted to the 14% of 2013, it is a massive jump in player activity. Experts say that Australia owes a great deal to the operators who made rigorous advertising campaigns that helped bring in new online gamblers. No one is sure as to how much tax revenue Australia brings in every year from online gambling due to the massive growth that is still occurring in the Australian online gambling industry.

This new study also enlightened us on how Australian gamblers play their favorite casino games. The most used platform for online gambling in Australia is the computer with a total of 17% choosing this platform. The second most popular gambling platform is through a mobile phone with a total of 8% using their mobile devices. The third most popular option for gambling online is with a mobile tablet, 3% of Australian gamblers choose their platform and the final platform used by online gamblers in Australia is the Television, only 1% of online gamblers in the country use this platform.

WagerLogic purchased by Amaya Gaming

Online Betting Firm, Amaya Gaming, announced today that they have purchased software developers WagerLogic for $70 Million. This deal was announced a couple of months ago but was finalized earlier on this week. This new deal allows for Amaya Gaming to have their own software developers which means they can develop their own games for their casino properties.

Amaya Gaming paid out $52.5 Million Dollars in cash money with a promissory note that was worth ten million dollars. That promissory note had a 6% annual interest on it which means that until the deal was finalized Amaya Gaming would have to pay more money on the promissory note. Additional conditions were made by Amaya Gaming to ensure that their money would be protected if WagerLogic ran away with their money.

WagerLogic develops a variety of different casino games for their players. You can enjoy live dealer casino games such as Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and more. They also develop various other table games, showing that Amaya Gaming is planning to release a variety of new table game gambling products to their players. Each dealer you meet through these live dealer casino games will be beautiful, talkative and make the experience more personal.

WagerLogic will still support their software to the online casinos that have licensed out their software. These casinos include InterBingo, InterCasino and InterPoker. Amaya Gaming has yet to come out and speak about their acquisition of WagerLogic, when they do we will update you on their plans.

Twisted Circus and Starlight Kiss released to Microgaming mobile

Internet betting developer, Microgaming, announced the release of their two latest mobile slots “The Twisted Circus” and “Starlight Kiss”.

Starlight Kiss is a 5 reel, 30 payline video slot that is designed around Valentine’s Day. The slot has been released just in time for the romantic holiday. Players will be able to enjoy win multipliers, free spins, scatters and a Romance Feature which will allow for them to win a 10x Multiplier.

Twisted Circus is a 5 reel, 243 Payline video slot is designed around the Circus and their crazy animals. This video slot offers a variety of features such as free spins that come with a 3x Multiplier, a bonus round which allows for players to match certain symbols with one another in order to win cash prizes.

Both of these games will be available in an HTML5 format, allowing for these slots to be compatible with all mobile devices.
Neill Whyte, Head of Product Channels for Microgaming commented on the release saying, “It is important as software developers that we release video slots centered around a certain holiday or occasion that is beloved by our players. It is a great way for us to market a new slot, gain new players and earn more loyal fan.
We hope that players enjoy Starlight Kiss and The Twisted Circus. It’ll provide them with the new and exciting gambling experience their looking for. Valentine’s Day fanatics will be able to enjoy our romantic new slot and Circus lovers will be able to enjoy the wacky experience offered in The Twisted Circus.”

Mega Wonder Jackpot Triggered At Unibet, Punter Wins €256,462

There has been an increase in jackpot wins recently, it seems more people are becoming interested in online gambling. This in return allows for more money to be deposited into the progressive jackpots available on the majority of slot machines today. These jackpots increase as such a rapid rate and are triggered so often that the chances to win a life changing amount of money are increasing. Another lucky player triggered a jackpot at the Unibet Casino and he won an incredible €256,462. This is due to the Mega Wonder Jackpot available on the Tiki Wonders slot.

We can conclude that the jackpot was triggered five hours after midnight on January 15th, 2014. Unibet Casino has yet to release any details on the players jackpot win. This isn’t a shock as many people who win large quantities of money likes to get everything in order before the information goes public. We can also report that the jackpot is lower than the normal one triggered with Mega Wonder. The average jackpot that is triggered is €391,163

The Mega Wonder Jackpot just isn’t available on Tiki Wonders but it is also available on six other slot machines that are powered by Net Entertainment. This ensures you that the jackpot will increase at a rapid amount and even though the jackpot is triggered randomly you could be one of those players.

As always we will continue to keep you updated on all the information of this Mega Wonder Jackpot Win. We wish the lucky punter the best of luck.

Former Mayor Of Denver Speaks Out Towards Online Gambling

The former Mayor of Denver, a city within the USA has spoken out about online gambling. Wellington Web has been against online gambling for years and was even hired on by Sheldon Adelson is secret. His job was to warn as many Americans as he could that online gambling would cost some Americans their jobs.

The former mayor claims that online gambling will target low income areas of the USA and would give underage children the opportunity to gamble when they shouldn’t. Mr. Web has been under fire though as his state just legalized Marijuana, most online punters and online gambling advocates has asked the former mayor how online gambling could be worse than what the majority of the country considers to be drug which they just legalized.

The back lash towards the former mayors statements have been said by many. Online punters said that parents can simply shut down their computers in order to not give their children access to online gambling. Even gamblers in low income areas have come out saying that it’s their choice on how they spend their money and that their actions can potentially have consequences.

Mr. Webb has gone as far as trying to abolish online gambling as a whole in the USA. He has put multiple acts up for congress and wants to restore is the long lasting Wire Act protection. The Wire Act allows for the USA government to do as they please. They can listen to your phone calls, watch what you do on the internet and so much more. The Wire Act allows for the USA to find any illegal online gamblers.

Mr. Webb is an angry ex mayor who can’t stand the change that has come before him. It is unclear as to what will happen with online gambling in Colorado but we expect that online gambling will become legal in the state as Colorado wants to make as much money as possible, every state does.

December Slot Releases Include Playtech’s “Battle of the Gods”

2013 is coming to a close, software developers have been in a rush to release their latest video slots before the end of the year. Playtech, Rival Gaming, Sheriff Gaming and Inspired Gaming Group all released their final video slots for the end of 2013.

The slots released include:

Battle of the Gods: Playtech powered, Battle of the Gods offers 5 reels and 25 paylines. The slot offers a Ancient Greek Theme and various game features such as scatters, substitutes, free spins and two bonus rounds. “Titan Mode” and “God Mode” being those two bonus rounds.

Silver Unicorn: Rival Gaming developed, Silver Unique is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot that has an astonishing fairy tale theme surrounding it. The slot has mystical themed symbols as well such as fairies and princesses. Players can look forward to wilds, bonus rounds and more.

White Knight: White Knight, a slot created by the Inspired Gaming Group is a 5×3 free spins slot. The game is designed around the medieval times and offers various different game features. Players can enjoy wild exchanges, super wild swords, sliding wilds and free spins.
Game 2000: Game 2000, a Sheriff gaming developed retro slot machines offers a theme with two side by side slot machines. Both of these slots can be played at once, each machine has 3 reels and 1 payline. Towards game features players can enjoy Double Symbols and Double Spinning Reels.

Oonga Boonga SMART: Oonga Boonga Smart is a mobile slot machine ported from Sheriff Gaming’s popular 5 reels and 20 payline slot machine. The mobile version of this slot offers a bonus round, win multipliers, cascading reels, free drops and the same graphics that the PC version of the game offers.

All five of these slots are available now for real money.

Arabian Nights €4.1 Million Jackpot Details Arise

A massive €4.1 million jackpot was triggered at the Unibet Casino. The lucky 26 year old Stockholm punter was able to win the jackpot while playing the Arabian Night Slot.

The massive win took play on December 19th, 2013. When the man triggered this jackpot at the Swedish Casino he didn’t know that he has just triggered the second large jackpot ever paid out at Unibet.
The new multi-millionaire commented on his jackpot win but refused to reveal his name, “I was shocked and beyond surprised when I triggered the jackpot. You always read or hear about others who have won a huge jackpot online but you never think that’ll be yourself. I thought I was going to have a heart attack”

He continued on by saying, “I am going to take it easy, not worry about the stresses of life for awhile. I’m going to invest the majority of the money and not waste it. I do plan to take a vacation at some point in time with by love ones, then I’ll buy an apartment.

Sweden Press Officer for Unibet Jonas Nilsson commented on the lucky punters jackpot, “It feels amazing to hand such a massive amount of money with only Christmas around the corner. I spoke to the winner and he is an honest, good man. He did mention that’ll take him a bit of time to digest the amount of money he has won as he has not quite gotten over the shock yet.”