Edict Games Ported To LeoVegas Mobile

Edict Mobile Games is a software developer that has been in the industry for only a short period of time made a major announcement this week. They first began designing video slots for online casinos but within the last few years they have switched their focus over to mobile gambling. Edict Games has developed dozens of different mobile sluts for their licensed mobile casinos to offer to their punters. The most recent online casino to provide this platform to their punters is LeoVegas.

Edict gaming

Those LeoVegas Mobile Punters can now experience an array of new titles from Edict Mobile Games. Those titles include Space Men II, Baker Street and plenty more. There is no word as to when the full library of their games will be completely ported over to LeoVegas Mobile, what we do know is that the first title “Baker Street” will be released within the next week for punters to enjoy. Edict Games has yet to make any statements regarding this new content deal but have only announced the news.

Those wishing to play this unknown but unique & exciting platform can do so in a matter of minutes by signing up a player account with LeoVegas Mobile. You will find that there is an array of different platforms for you to choose from on LeoVegas Mobile. You can play games from Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Edict Mobile Games and many more. We shall inform you of any updates or new information released regarding the full release of this platform onto LeoVegas Mobile.

Crazy Cows Released By Play’n Go

Crazy Cows is the latest slot to be released by Play’n Go. This slot was unknown to punters until today when Play’n Go announced that they had been developing this slot for the last three months and have already released it to all of the casinos which support their platform.

Crazy cows

Crazy Cows is based on the video slot “Enchanted Meadow”, another video slot developed by Play’n Go. Due to these two slots coexisting in the same universe you will find resemblances between these two slots. Crazy Cows unlike its counterpart is a 5 reel, 15 payline slot that brings life to the crazy animals you’ll see on your screen. This slot also comes with scatters, free spins, wilds and a Pick’em Bonus Round. The bonus round allows for you to choose from a series of cows that will jump off the roof and land into the water trough, depending on which trough you land in you’ll be rewarded with a larger winning combination.

Those wishing to play this slot will be able to by signing up with an online casino boasting the Play’n Go platform. You’ll also find that the Play’n Go platform comes with a number of different casino games including video poker, table games, scratch card games, dozens of slots and regular card games as well. Those who sign up under an online casino boasting the Play’n Go platform will also be rewarded with welcome bonuses & various other promotions as well.

PokerStars Launches In Spain

PokerStars, one of the largest poker rooms on the internet announced today that they’ve launched their services in Spain. This came as a surprise as there was no indication that Amaya Gaming, the new owners of PokerStars & Full Tilt had any plans to offer PokerStars in Spain. There are three games currently being offered by PokerStars. The first is poker, the second is blackjack and the third is roulette. This’ll give players plenty of choices in how they want to game.


It’s also surprising to see PokerStars enter a new market as just last week they pulled out of several markers. PokerStars has been pulling out of a number of countries due to new laws being put in place and new taxes being put in place, it wouldn’t be liable for Amaya Gaming to operate PokerStars & Full Tilt if they’d have to pay such a massive amount of money in taxes.

As of right now PokerStars and Full Tilt have left eleven different countries. Those countries include Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Kuwait, the UAE, Iran, Bahrain, Egypt, North Korea, Turkey and Malaysia. There is no word if they’ll be pulling out of any more markets in the future, it was thought that they’d pull out of the United Kingdom gambling market but they then confirmed to their loyal fans that they wouldn’t be leaving the U.K market.

We’ll keep you up to date on all new information regarding what Amaya Gaming plans to do with PokerStars & Full Tilt in the markets they currently still operate in. After purchasing Full Tilt & PokerStars for $4.9 Billion Amaya Gaming is doing everything they possibly can to turn a profit on their investment.

Mansion Group Shocks Industry With New Announcement

The Mansion Group has shocked the entire United Kingdom online gambling industry with a new announcement that they made today. Earlier on last week it was revealed by the Mansion Group themselves that they would be leaving the United Kingdom at the end of September. The reasoning for their previous announcement was because of regulation issues and taxes that would affect the Mansion Groups operations. When they announced their leaving many people spoke out, asking them to remain in the market. This in return showed the group that their fans are indeed loyal which is why they revealed today that they will continue to operate in the United Kingdom, regardless of the taxes that apply.

This means that as of October 1st the company will have to abide by the strict licensing requirements needed to operate in the United Kingdom. This means that they’ll have to pay a tax on your winnings, they’ll have to pay tax every month in order to operate and they’ll have to pay a tax on every software developer they offer on their casino. This could mean that there will be some serious changes for each one of the Mansion Groups brands in the near future.

Each one of the Mansion Group’s brands will continue to be offered within the United Kingdom expect for MansionPoker, their player activity is too low to justify the amount in taxes they’ll have to pay in order to operate that brand. This means punters can still play at LesACasino.com, SlotsHeaven.com, Casino.Com, Club777.Com and MansionCasino.com.

Queen of the Pyramids Jackpot Triggered

Playtech isn’t your average software developer in the online gambling market. They have been a constant force not to be reckoned with as they have nearly two decades of experience under their belt and each game they release provides a high quality gambling experience. One of the slot machines they developed years ago still remains massively popular amongst online punters. The slot machine is “Queen of the Pyramids” and a fortune player won $116,490 while playing this slot.

playtech logo

Playtech has yet to reveal any of the details relating towards this jackpot win. We do know that this win is slightly larger than the average amount won through this slot, this is also the seventy third time that this slot’s jackpot has been triggered. While playing this slot you see various symbols that coincide with the Egyptian Theme designed in this slot. Those symbols include the Eye or Ra, Scorpions, Fish, Pyramids, the Sphinx, Pharaohs and many more. Game feature wise you can expect to see wilds, scatters and bonus rounds.

We will keep you informed on any recent updates released regarding the details of this jackpot win. Those who have yet to experience Queen of the Pyramids should do so by registering an account with an online casino that boasts the Playtech software. Since this slot was first released years ago it has paid out millions upon millions of dollars, you could end up being the next big winner of this slots progressive jackpot.

BetSoft’s Alderney Gaming License Suspended

BetSoft is a known software developers for the gaming industry but recently has seen some issues regarding their licensing that may see them follow the path of Sherriff Gaming, another 3D slot developer. It was revealed by Betsoft that their Alderney Gaming License has been suspended but that release failed to mention the exact reason for the suspension. It is unknown if there were particular rule infractions or if the suspension relates to their games or how those games operate in relation to the rules and regulations of its license with Alderney.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission and their Executive Director confirmed that Betsoft has lost their Alderney Gambling License. Mr. Wilsenach said the following, “Without me having to go into great detail there is evidence that the parent company of Betsoft Gaming, Digitus should no longer have the right to operator under an Alderney Gaming License. We won’t go into detail as Betsoft Gaming is a powerful brand name that if purchased one day by another operator cannot be sullied.”

This information came as a shock to nearly everyone as Betsoft Gaming has always been considered a secure, honest and reliable software developer. It is unsure if their Alderney Gambling License will be unsuspended in the future, we do know that if they are fully banned from operating in the future that another operator can purchase the rights to BetSoft Gaming and continue to operate under the brand name. We’ll continue to update you on new information released relating towards the future of BetSoft Gaming.

Mobile Slots To Be Released By WinADay

The browser based online casino WinADay announced that they shall be celebrating their sixth year of operation by releasing their first mobile slot machines. This marks the first time that WinADay casino will be moving away from their internet territory but by entering the mobile gambling market they can get new punters to register with their casino which in return means more revenue being earned on a monthly basis.

Details for these mobile slots have yet to been clearly released. We do know that these slots will be the mobile equivalents of their desktop based slots. Their mobile casino will be available for Android Mobile Phones, Android Tablets, Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Apple, iPods, Windows Phones and Windows Tablets. This in return means that regardless of which mobile device you use you will be able to play at WinADay Casino, each slot will be designed in an HTML5 format. Thus by allowing for the mobile casino to be available on multiple devices.

On top of this exciting news, WinADay also announced that they will be releasing three new penny based slot machines. Each one of these slots will boast a classic slot machine design with fruit and number symbols. One of these slots will have a magic theme while the other will boast a Native American Theme with expanding wilds as a game feature.

We are unsure as to when these mobile slots will be officially released. We will continue to keep you informed on the release date for the WinADay mobile casino.

Melbourne Man Sentenced To Jail

A Melbourne man in his late forties has been sentenced to several years in prison by an Australian Judge earlier on today. The man stole a total of $2.1 million from his previous employer in order to feed his online gambling addiction.


Jason George McGregor, the man who has given seven years in prison plead guilty after he was found of his actions. Mr. McGregor has been charged with six counts of obtaining property between the time periods of April 2008 and April 2013. During the five year time period the defendant stole large sums of money and funded them through 365 different transactions. This is a small amount in a five year period of time which is why he was able to hide his actions for a long period of time. He would use the money at online and land based casinos.

Judge Christopher Ryan said the following to the defendant, “You knowingly choose to exploit the accounting systems of your employer, you knew fully what this would result in for your employer and for that I believe you should be found guilty of your criminal actions.”

It is rare to see a Judge lose his temper when in the courts but when Mr. Ryan saw the horrible behavior that Mr. McGregor displayed in the court he took it upon himself to be harsh against the defendant and show him that this is no joke he can talk his way out of. Unfortunately Mr. McGregor just dug himself a bigger hole which resulted in him having to go to jail for several years.

Star Wars Original Cast Re-United

There are many who don’t know that Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise more than two years ago, since than they’ve been working alongside George Lucas and other familiar faces to the franchise in order to create a series of new movies and video games that will sweep the nation over night. As of right now Disney is making Star Wars Episode 7, the first part to a new trilogy that will be centered after the events of the second death star exploding.


J.J Abrams, the director behind Star Trek, Cloverfield, Lost and now Star Wars revealed a new picture from the film that shows all of the original characters from the original trilogy back together in the same room. That means that Han Solo, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker will all be returning for the seventh installment in the franchise. The rumors are that the new film will center around two young children related to Han and Leia, Luke on the other hand will be the new grand master Jedi who is training the Solo’s children to be powerful Jedi. In the wake of their training they learn that the Sith have once again returned, resulting in the new trilogy being set up for two more films.

J.J Abrams has yet to make any comments regarding what the movie is actually about and we won’t see a trailer for the film for at least another year. As always though we will keep you informed on any information released regarding Star Wars Episode 7.

Borderlands 2 Now On PS Vita

The Playstation Vita has now been on the market for two years, it is the sequel to the Playstation Portable and it boosts internals that nearly match up to the Playstation 3. Games from the previous generation our now being recreated for the Playstation Vita and the difference in quality is minimal. The latest game to be released on the Playstation Vita which was once originally a Playstation 2 game is Borderlands 2.

playstation vita

This is sure to bring in a mass amount of sales for the Playstation Vita as Borderlands 2 was one of the most popular MMO’s to be released on the PS3. Borderlands 2 puts you in the role of one of four heroes who work alongside one another to bring down Mad Max, an evil main who looks to destroy the borderlands by any means necessary. Along the way you receive magical powers and powerful guns that can take down a squad of enemies in a matter of seconds.

When asked how Borderlands 2 played on the Playstation Vita, Sony said this: “Borderlands 2 has been redesigned for the touch screen controls so that players can fluently play the game on the system. The difference in visuals between the PS Vita Model and PS3 Model are minimal, you can only see a slight difference in textures when you walk right up to the object. 95% of the time you will feel as if you’re playing the same game and the experience you have will be just as exciting.”