Gods of Giza Released by Genesis Gaming

Genesis Gaming continues to impress their loyal fans with their latest video slot “Gods of Giza”. This new video slot is interesting to say the least as it is being distributed exclusively through the Quickfire gambling platform, a platform that is owned directly by Microgaming.

This new 5 reel, 20 payline video slot designed around the Ancient Egyptian culture showcases that the online gambling industry is becoming unified not only with governments but with the developers themselves. This slot comes with a number of game features including rotating reels that go 360 degrees with each free spin. There’ll also be the introduction of scatters and wilds so that winning opportunities may be enhanced for players.

Gods of Giza

Visually this slot looks like no other, players will feel as if their truly within an ancient Egyptian temple or tomb looking at their stunning hieroglyphics. When the reels rotate three hundred and sixty degrees it makes for a stunning visual effect that’ll surely bring players back to this brand new slot.

The Global Head of Genesis Gaming Scott Sims noted in a statement, “When designed a video slot we look at what the industry loves and wants out of their gambling experience. We at Genesis Gaming truly believe that with this feature slot we have created something unique and exciting for our fans. We can only hope that they feel the same way as we do about Gods of Giza.”

Those wishing to experience this new 5 reel slot can do so at any online casino supporting the Quickfire platform.

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